About us

We gladly announce that our Iron House Company manufactures all kinds of Steel Racks for various works in Madurai. Our Iron House Company is running by the best experienced persons. We give the best service to slotted & Steel Racks manufacturers in Madurai. Our excellent service includes slotted Angle steel Racks manufacturer in Madurai. We have manufactured and provide Supermarket Rack, Display Rack, Textile Rack, Room Rack, Medical shop Rack, Paint storage Rack, Files & books Rack, Library Rack in Madurai Our modern service provides Medical shop Rack manufacture in Madurai. We joyfully serve Display Rack manufacturers in Madurai. We give the most stylish Tires Racks manufacturer in Madurai. We give the best quality in Textile show room racks manufacturers in Madurai. Our service provides Paint storage Racks manufacture works in Madurai. Our major service includes Electrical Shop Racks manufactured in Madurai. Our excellence service gives Pigeon Racks manufacture in Madurai. . Moreover we supply branded CR Sheets, H.R. Sheets, GP Sheets, and GS Sheets with TATA company seal. We are used by quality companies so that the product’s life will be long & Strong. We honestly satisfy the needs of the customers.